About Emerio Communications

Shawn-Laree (de St. Aubin) O’Neil has successfully executed media and social media relations programs, as well as integrated communications programs for her clients for nearly 20 years. Her background includes overseeing strategic planning; developing education and awareness campaigns; new product launches; crisis planning and management; marketing and employee communications; developing social media campaigns and blogging on behalf of clients.

In communications development, Shawn-Laree produces consistent, straightforward messaging that can be personalized and targeted to multiple stakeholders. She fully understands that a successful communications strategy requires two-way dialogue: discerning and understanding what stakeholders want, and designing and producing informed strategies and communications tools to help clients deliver that message.

Media placements for her clients have included national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The Washington Post and a Page One story for USA Today. Additionally, she has secured appearances for her clients on NBC Nightly News, as well as television programs on CNBC, ESPN and Bloomberg Television, and on National Public Radio and Bloomberg Radio. She has also worked with influential bloggers in various industries to garner coverage for her clients.

To advance her clients’ goals, Shawn-Laree has successfully established partnerships with industry associations. These partnerships have led to published byline articles and speaking opportunities at leading conferences.

Carefully listening to clients and working closely with them has enabled Shawn-Laree to successfully determine content, and blog on behalf of company CEOs. She has also established social media campaigns for clients using Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn and has been responsible for content and messaging.

Shawn-Laree has worked with city and regional planners on neighborhood revitalization projects to bring meaningful change to overlooked neighborhoods. She has also coordinated client events and engaged local dignitaries of various municipalities to participate.

Shawn-Laree received her BA from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut. She is the past president of the Women’s Board of Heartland Alliance and remains an active board member. She is also a volunteer for The Glass Slipper Project.

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